Mr Justin Coulter BSc(HONS) PGDip(Bio) MChS

Justin Coulter is director of First Podiatry Ltd. He is a highly experienced musculoskeletal podiatrist having worked in private practice since 1997. He specialises in the assessment of foot and movement dysfunction which can lead to a multitude of musculoskeletal pathologies.

His special interests lie in orthopaedic conditions of the foot and ankle, Sports  injuries and hypermobility. He has worked with numerous sporting bodies and continues to do so. These include UK Athletics, English Institute of Sport (EIS), England and Middlesex cricket, England Rugby and Saracens Rugby Club. He also offers musculoskeletal podiatry services to The Royal Ballet and The English National Ballet.

Mr Kevin Bruce BSc(HONS) MSc

Kevin qualified as a Podiatrist in 2006 and has always been involved in a musculoskeletal caseload.

After completing his MSc in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics he progressed to roles in the NHS as musculoskeletal lead clinician whilst gradually developing a greater caseload working in the private sector. As that continued to grow opting to leave the NHS completely.

With a history playing professional football at West Bromwich Albion, the experiences gained whilst playing football led him toward Podiatry.

Despite football being the initial inspiration it is not only football and sports related pathology that his interest lies but also those in the general population whether sporting or otherwise. Identifying the mechanism of an injury related to the relevant tissues stress can be applied similarly to a professional athlete or a weekend dog walker despite the actual treatments varying.

He also enjoys treating those who are suffering gait adaptations which are impacting on their every day lives whether due to a long term condition or recovering from recent acute pathology with the aim of restoring or improving gait functions.

To get the best for any patient it is often most beneficial if a multi team approach is employed to gain the results desired.