Our Analysis

Initially a thorough history of the problem is taken alongside a medical history; this will help guide your assessment.

It helps also to analyse any footwear you wear regularly.

Generally we will then do a weightbearing and non weightbearing assessment looking at joint motions and positions whilst also doing appropriate clinical testing.

The dynamic assessment carries most significance as we assess the tissue loading patterns which are potentially causing your complaint. You are filmed walking/running on a treadmill if necessary to allow for slow motion kinematic analysis.

We will also utilise pressure and gait parameter analysis (using the Tekscan Walkway system) to view how pressure is distributed on your feet when walking and standing as well as measuring areas such as gait speed, time with heel in contact with ground amongst others to further aid the assessment, diagnosis and ultimately tailoring your treatment.

Additional assessment may be indicated e.g. neurological testing and muscle strength dependant on the outcome of the assessment up until this point.

This data will then be fully assessed and the conclusions discussed with you.

From this treatment will be advised which may include:

  • Stretches and exercises
  • Footwear advice
  • Activity modification
  • Strapping
  • Mobilisation
  • Ice
  • Orthoses

If orthoses are required a cast may be taken of your feet and this used to manufacture your devices.

We are covered by all major insurers however most require referral from a GP/Consultant to cover the cost of assessment. Orthoses are generally not covered by insurance companies. Please contact your insurer if you are not sure.