Professional fees


 Chiropody  Fees
 Chiropody consultation (30 mins)   £60.00
 Redressing/Short appointment (15 mins)   £35.00
 Nail Surgery (including one dressing appointment and dressing pack)  £350.00
 Verruca Treatment Initial appointment (Chemical)  £60.00
 Verruca Treatment (Electrosurgery)  £220.00
 Initial Consultation (No video analysis)  £115.00

 Gait Analysis (including initial consultation + Tekscan Walkway analysis)



 Gait Analysis (No Tekscan includes initial consultation) £160.00
 Tekscan Pressure Walkway (if not having gait analysis)  £95.00
 Paediatric Gait Analysis (includes Tekscan Walkway analysis)   £160.00
 F-Scan In Shoe Pressure Analysis (with report)   £150.00
 Casting  £60.00
 Custom Orthoses  £280.00
 Paediatric Custom Orthoses  £260.00
 2nd Pair Orthoses  £200.00
 Orthoses Fitting   No Charge
 1st Check Up   No Charge
 Follow Up   £55-75.00

The follow up appointment is essentially a repeat of the gait analysis which may include video analysis, high speed video analysis, pressure mapping, postural assessment and manual muscle testing (included in the follow up fee) based on requirements to test our outcome measures and gauge success.


 Prefabricated Orthoses (modified)                                                                             £75.00
 Strapping £35.00
 Steroid Injection    £120
 Custom Ortho-digital Splints     £55.00
 Orthosis Refurbishment     £110.00
 Orthosis Recover    £40.00




If you have an authorisation number from your insurer please supply this and we will bill them directly to cover what they allow. If you do not have authorisation please pay on the day of the consultation and claim back from your insurer directly. Please note that health insurance companies DO NOT pay for orthoses, appliances or casting.